The Flexible Business Process Solution for Your Organisation

The UBizz implementation project will result in a custom Business Information System for your organisation. Your UBizz will support just those activities and maintain only that information your organisation asks for.

The UBizz implementation project consists of three phases:
Looking for an open business process solution for your organisation?
Want tailor made software but you don’t want to spend custom solution time and money?
Do the words faster, better, cheaper mean anything to you?
The answer? UBizz

UBizz Engine

UBizz is a client/server based open infrastructure using proven technology to run on many hardware platforms and work with any standard relational database system.

The robust UBizz Engine optimally supports your business activities. Using revolutionary techniques it is now possible to create a high quality custom solution in no time. The resulting system will exactly reflect your business processes.

UBizz users have their own workplace that can easily be customised to reflect theirr role in the organisation by regulating information access and activities, including workflow.

The key concept in the UBizz Engine solution is the “Business Model”.

A Business Model is a detailed description of your organisation and business processes as defined by standard Object Oriented Analysis and Design methods.

The UBizz Engine is able to directly translate a Business Model into a working Business Information System.

No software programming, no technical plumbing. The UBizz Engine takes care of all that.

UBizz runs on the hardware platforms of leading international vendors and works with any standard relational database system.

Open means that the system allows interoperability with third-party solutions and services. One could think of interaction with company ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Baan, …), in-house applications or external information systems.

Integrated Solution

UBizz is an integrated solution for your organisation. No matter which business processes you need to support.

Your UBizz is modelled on your business processes, integrating your business processes into a workflow of business events and processes throughout your organisation.


UBizz is flexible to changes and progress in your organisation.

Your UBizz can at any point be expanded and adjusted without interfering with the running system. Changes can be made to your Business Model. The updated Business Model is fed to the UBizz Engine, and your updated system will be up and running.

The UBizz implementation project
Phase 1 Gathering Information

This is the preliminary phase where the project scope is determined. The following information will be gathered:
  • Involved Business Processes and Departments

  • Mandatory Systems

  • Project Size

  • Necessary Skills

Phase 2 Creating your Business Model

Business Experts and Business Modellers will work together to create your Business Model. This comes down to analysing and describing the Business Processes and Business Rules in your organisation. Object Oriented Analysis and Design methods supported by UBizz modelling tools are used to produce the final Business Model.

The Business Model will contain entry points to add specific Business Rules (calculations on performing actions, checking information, interfacing to other systems, …). Business Rules are implemented using Object Oriented techniques.

At every stage in the modelling and design process the (intermediate and incomplete) Business Model is ready to be fed to the UBizz Engine. This makes it possible to continuously monitor the progress of the project and  to validate at any time the correctness of the Business Model. From the moment the first Business Object has been defined, a working Business Information System exists.

Phase 3 Roll-out

The roll-out phase adresses the following subjects:
  • Interfaces
  • Deployment

  • Authorisation

  • Customisation


Interfaces to other systems will be defined and implemented to integrate UBizz in your organisation.


The UBizz Engine and the UBizz database will be implemented on your server machine and UBizz Client PCs will be installed. The Business Model will be fed to the UBizz Engine.

Authorisation & Customisation

The UBizz system users will now be defined.

User authorisation & customisation will be performed by defining group access to business information (customer information, reports, business data, …) and group access to business actions (approving deals or purchases, updating business data, …).

By the end of phase 3 the UBizz system will be ready for business.

From Business Process to UBizz System

Simple Business Example: Life Insurance
Business Information:

The example business process involves maintaining customer and insurance policy information and the handling of policy events: premium payments, payment arrears checks, dealing with claims.


ID 345
name Pete Brown
address 21 Kings Rd
234RY Kentucky
age 43
agent Jim Carr

Life insurance policy

ID 45678-29
amount $ 1,000,000
premium $ 2,750
beneficiaries Betty Brown
Creating the Business Model: Object Oriented Analysis & Design

The Business Model will consist of static and dynamic descriptions.

The Static Object Model contains Business Objects as you will encounter in real life:

  • Customer

  • Policy

  • Agent

The Dynamic or State Diagram will describe the States a certain Business Object can be in.

An Insurance Policy for instance, has these states:

  • In Force

  • In Arrears (premium has not been paid)

  • Cancelled

  • Terminated

To move from state to state, a transition has to take place.

To move from the “In Arrears” state back to “In Force” again, the customer has to Pay Premium.

The Insurance Policy Business Object should have states and transitions between these states described:

These diagrams will be stored using the UBizz Modelling tools, which will produce the Business Model as can be fed to the UBizz Engine.

Running the Business Model

Below you see the workplace of a typical UBizz Client logged on to the UBizz Engine.

The Business Model is now a working Business Process Solution. All user windows are generated the moment you want to open them. No software programmer is needed to create graphical user interfaces.

When the Business Model is changed, all UBizz Clients will automatically receive the new views on their Business Objects.

No need to update the client workstations, the UBizz Engine takes care of all that.